PowerPump Return On Investment Calculator

Use the calculator to determine your return on investment for a PowerPump high pressure coolant system on your CNC machine tool. Follow the instructions below on calculator use.

Instructions for Use

Gather the following data to be entered in the blue highlighted sections.

Current Operation:

  1. Machine tool identification, machine name or number.
  2. Current cycle time in seconds of the part you plan on manufacture.
  3. Shop rate in dollars. (Labor + burden).
  4. Machine utilization. % of time the machine tool is productive.

Proposed PowerPump:

  1. Cycle time in seconds. Calculate the cycle time for each of the operational steps that will be utilizing coolant fed tools and tool holders. The tooling manufacturers have established Speeds, Feeds, SFM and estimated savings in cycle times for selected tools.
    Use the following links and review their recommendations and estimate your cycle times.
  1. Adjust your CURRENT CYCLE TIME with the new estimates.
  2. Enter total cost for the PowerPump investment.

Return on Investment

Enter the number of hours each shift operates. The system calculates the following:

  • Daily savings based on the cycle time improvements you have calculated.

Based on the number of shifts operating will determine the total daily savings.

  • The return on investment time is displayed in “Number of Days” and “Number of 20 Day Months”


  1. The “First Year” profit is the balance saved after the investment is paid in full.
  2. The “Annual” profit is the total savings.

Disclaimer: The calculations provided by this calculator are based on the information provided by you and is also only an estimation. You should not accept the calculations to be the actual value thereof. HP Cool Tech, Inc. does not guarantee, either express or implied, the accuracy and completeness of these calculations. HP Cool Tech, Inc. does not accept any liability for loss or damage of whatsoever nature which may be attributable to the reliance on and use of this calculator.